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    Lilurl Beauty & Skin Care Tips

    Lilurl Beauty & Skin Care Tips. Want Real Cellulite Treatment? 6 True Tips For Cellulite Reduction From Anti Cellulite Expert. Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment – Eye Treatment Review. Getting rid of cellulite is possible. Burn Scar Treatment. Beauty & Skin Care!. Get Free Updates. Search. Recent Pos...

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    LilURL - A Free/Open Source Clone of TinyURL

    LilURL - A Free/Open Source Clone of TinyURL. lilURL is a simple PHP/MySQL script for generating lil URLs. It's similar to TinyURL , Shorl , MakeAShorterLink , etc, but you can run it on your own server ((which is, yeah, pretty much the same thing as TightURL , but that didn't exist when I wrote ...

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