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    Tocris Bioscience | High Performance Life Science Reagents

    The leading supplier of novel and exclusive research tools including GPCR ligands, neurotransmitters, ion channel modulators and signaling inhibitors

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    Ligand - Home

    Welcome to Ligand. Site Features/Highlights:. Company Presentations. Shots on Goal. Ligand, a pharmaceutical company, is assembling a large and diverse portfolio of current and near-term commercial revenue generating assets to assist the long-term financial growth of the company. We operate this ...

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    The G Protein Coupled Receptor - Oligomerization Knowledge Base

    Find Methods Boolean Operators and Specifies this term MUST be in the search results - this is the default operator or not Search Term Modifiers * ~ (Regular Expression) Can be placed at the front of a search term to search using a regular expression Special Notes GPCR-OKB searches are always cas...

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    Protein Lounge - Databases for Biology, Pathway Database, Protein Database, siRNA Database, GPCR Database, Hydroplotter, Peptide-Antigen Finder, Ea...

    Interactive web-based biological databases and softwares for life-scientists and researchers.

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