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Gezgin. Gezgin. Cumartesi, Aralık 08, 2012. Perşembe, Aralık 06, 2012. Pazartesi, Şubat 27, 2012. Hakkımda. Önceki Kayıtlar. Arşivler. MADRİD GEZİ NOTLARI (2) 22-25 KASIM 2012. MADRİD GEZİ NOTLARI (1) 22-25 ARALIK 2012. ANGKOR WAT'DA BİR GÜN DOĞUMU..... Two ex-bankers were long time on the roads. But 2006 is opening anew perspective to their 17 year-long happy marriage.Because TWINS, have already decided to be on the way, saying "Count us in as well". From now on,we altogether are much more p...

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