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    Tiny Portable Apps That Fit On Floppy Disk, USB Drive, Etc

    On our site here, you will find small useful applications that easily fit on a floppy disc (30KB to 1.44MB) and can be run from external media without any installation or registration (just run the damn thing already). Just imagine how many of these tools you could fit on a 1GB USB flash drive (j...

  • See usbapps.com alternatives External_link

    Portable Applications - Software that can be run from a USB drive | USBapps

    A list of portable applications / software / programs that can be run from a Flash drive.

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    Free Printable Job Application Forms - Search & Apply Online

    FREE JOB APPLICATIONS. Find and download a printable job application form. Find hundreds of online employment forms and apply jobs today.


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    Application form for high street shops in United Kingdom - application-form.org

    Application-form.org is a manually compiled database of job application forms from the high street shops and other retailers in United Kingdom.

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    Welcome To Loudring Wireless, Your Authorized Rogers Dealer

    Subscribe today for a Rogers Wireless phone and plan. Get the best prices on the latest Rogers Wireless handsets. For a limited time get 3 free phone accessories, free Canada wide express shipping, and best of all have peace of mind with a 30 day return policy with a prepaid return shipping label...


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    Free Portable Software USB Flash Drive Applications | Pendriveapps

    Portable Software Applications that run from USB. Recently Reviewed Portable Software Applications. Portable Software Applications (random examples). Portable Software Sections. Birthday Tracker – Birthdays. Asterisk Logger – Password Recovery. TextDiff – File Comparison. Free Portable Software t...


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    LiberKey - Portable Applications

    Portable Applications


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    Portable Application Description (PAD) - Association of Software Professionals

    What is PAD?. Resources. PAD News. Association of Software Professionals. PAD - Provided by the Association of Software Professionals. The World's #1 Trade Organization for Independent Software Developers and Vendors. PAD is the Portable Application Description , and it helps authors provide prod...


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    FreeSoftwareTools.net | Download Free Software Tools. Get freeware portable and installable applications

    Free Software Tools provides freeware applications. Freesoftwaretools.net selects the best portable and installable free applications for you.


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    Codyssey - The Home of Portable Applications

    Codyssey is happy to deliver portable apps for home and office


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    UWorks.net - free games for your mobile phone!

    … develops games and applications for mobile phones and other portable devices.. Currently … , that allows the development of small applications and game...


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    Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick | USB Pen Drive Linux

    … from a USB flash memory stick. Portable Linux Categories. New Pendrive Linux … Help Sections. Take your Favorite Portable Linux Desktop with you wherever …


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    James Newton-King

    … -King. XAML Applications on Windows 8 with DXTREME. Json.NET 4.5 Release 10 – Portable Class Library …


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    FeedBurner. Blog Archive. Categories. A portable application can be run from a removable drive ( … USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows …


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    Digital Radiography

    Digital Radiography. portable x-ray. What is a Picture Archiving and …