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    Origami Instructions - Instructions on How to Make Origami

    The best site to fold origami! Follow our photo instructions step by step. No annoying diagrams here. Fold classics such as origami crane and lily, and other popular origami like ninja star, water balloon and many more!


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    Origami That's Fun And Easy

    Would you like to learn some great origami? Beautiful designs. Easy to follow diagrams.


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    A note from the team. All origami shapes start the same way, one square of paper. Thousands of symbols and figurines – all different in appearance – can be folded from the same material. The same is true of you and your family. Although we start from the same material, our families help craft us ...


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    Lisa Shea - Origami, Parakeets, Birding

    Lisa Shea provides money origami instructions,video game walkthroughs, beautiful birding photos, origami sales, parakeet training information, and more!


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    Gilad's Origami Page

    Gilad's Origami Page. Welcome to Gilad Aharoni's Origami Page, Home of the largest collection of origami book reviews and photo galleries. I hope you enjoy your visit, and find the information useful..


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    Paper Airplanes - the best origami paper planes to fold and fly

    Paper Airplanes: how to fold and fly super simple or elaborate origami paper planes. Original designs you'll find nowhere else. Diagrams and clear instructions for every paper aircraft!


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    Origami-Kunst: Galerie, Faltanleitungen, Buchtipps, Apps und mehr zum Papierfalten

    Origami-Kunst bietet eine Origami Galerie, Faltanleitungen, Buchtipps, Apps und mehr zur Kunst des Papierfalten


  • See oriland.com alternatives External_link view website

    ORILAND - What Origami Can Be!

    Oriland is a fantastic paper world filled with designs made in the technique of Origami. You will be impressed by what can be made from paper without glue and scissors! Oriland Kingdoms is an Internet-embodiment of the exhibition 'Oriland' made by origami-artists Yuri and Katrin Shumakov from mor...