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    TacitKnowing The Knowledge Management site of Juani Swart

    Tacit knowing, tacitknowing is an internet resource for knowledge management, in discusses tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge and is the web site of Juani Swart

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    Implicit Software Solutions Inc - Software Development / Mobile Games and Applications - Vancouver, Canada

    ISS creates retail and custom software for windows mobile phones and desktop computers; specializing in mobile applications, mobile games, wireless communications, GPS, networking, and mobile database solutions. Through research, dedication and hard work, iSS employees have become some of the bes...

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    Educational Software | Manage Results Mathematics Geography Graphs

    Educational Software manage analyse results mathematics graphs polar implicit transformations geography population pyramids climate graphs kite graphs

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    Ls. a scala card catalog

    "sbt": false } To perform an lsync for a given project, simply perform the following HTTP POST curl -X POST \ -d 'user=your-gh-user&repo=your-gh-repo&version=version-to-sync' This will tell ls to extract any files in the r...

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    Scala software, hot off the presses

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