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  • See wpdatar.com alternatives External_link view website

    WPdatar.com - Comprehensive Web Page Data

    WPdatar can analyze and count all information in a web, such as the titles,keywords,descriptions,images,links,html tags and http header,so that the information can be found more easily.

  • See quickandeasywebbuilder.com alternatives External_link

    Quick 'n Easy Web Builder

    Web Builder is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used to create web pages. The program generates HTML tags while you point and click on desired functions; you can create a web page without learning HTML.

  • See htmlbestcodes.com alternatives External_link

    HTML Best Codes

    Use Cool Best HTML source codes easy on your web pages. Get scripts and apply to your page. Learn how to copy and paste HTML codes, Source code

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  • See htmlcodetutorial.com alternatives External_link view website

    HTML Code Tutorial - Free Reference Guide for Help with HTML Tags Including Form, Frames, Tables, and more!

    HTML Code Tutorial - Free Reference Guide for Help with HTML Tags Including Form, Frames, Tables, and more!


  • See metatags.org alternatives External_link view website

    Official USA Meta tags Website | the secrets of search engines html meta tags | meta tags search engine promotion

    Meta tags research shows that only 20% of all the web pages contain metatags and over 85% of the websites is unfit to be submitted to the search engines. Metatags.org helps you to make good meta tags


  • See bosseye.com alternatives External_link view website

    Time Analyzer, Time Tracking, Free Box shot, Clear HTML tags

    BossEye provides easy to use products and utilities!. Time Analyzer - Track time and audit the time you spent. Clear HTML Tags - get neat HTML from mess. 3D Box Shot Maker - FREE. Free Utilities. TimeAnalyzer automatically tracks your computer usage by recording your current foreground process in...


  • See tag-cloud.de alternatives External_link view website

    Tag cloud generator - create on the fly html and flash tag clouds

    It works!.


  • See htmlbasictutor.ca alternatives External_link view website

    Help Learn HTML Tag Coding - HTML Tutorial

    Need HTML help? Learn HTML Basics. HTML code articles, basic HTML code tips, web design tutorials and search engine optimization for small business owners, HTML beginner and anyone building websites


  • See quackit.com alternatives External_link view website

    Free Web Tutorials - Quackit.com

    … help and references. Complete list of HTML tags and CSS properties. Also contains …


  • See wp-themes.com alternatives External_link view website

    Theme Preview | Previewing Another WordPress Blog

    … A Thousand Words. Elements. Heading 1. More Tags. HTML. Links. Category Hierarchy. Hello world …


  • See jsfiddle.net alternatives External_link view website

    Create a new Fiddle - jsFiddle

    … and credits. jsFiddle (alpha). Library tag attributes (?). Normalized CSS. Title. Description … . Body Tag. DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict XHTML 1.0 Transitional HTML 5 HTML 4.01 Strict HTML 4.01 Transitional HTML 4.01 Frameset....


  • See htmlgoodies.com alternatives External_link view website

    HTML Goodies: The Ultimate HTML Resource

    Free html tutorials and help, images, color codes and more for the web developer. Featuring tutorials on HTML tags, programming, basics, JavaScript, frames, hex codes and more. Our weekly newsletter provides the latest information for developers.


  • See html5demos.com alternatives External_link view website

    HTML5 Demos and Examples

    HTML 5 Demos and Examples. HTML 5 experimentation and demos I've hacked together. … browser support icon or the technology tag to filter the demos (the filter …