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    Gene Ontology Consortium | Gene Ontology Consortium

    Gene Ontology Consortium. Search GO data. Enrichment analysis (beta). Statistics. What is the Gene Ontology?. Recent news. Search form. Highlighted GO term. On the web. CytoScape EM. S. aureus Term Enrichment. AmiGO 2. biological process molecular function cellular component biological process (e...


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    Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute - Metaphysics, Ontology, Fourth Way Instruction by Dr. Derek Lamar

    A teaching of Metaphysics, Ontology, Fourth Way Instruction, 21st Century Mind Science, Quantum Metaphysics.


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    OpenDB ontology and PublicPIM

    New StatCounter Beta Suppose to count downloads. OpenDB Forum User Group Survey Feedback. Announcements & Press Releases. Philosophy History FAQ The next "Killer App" everyone is looking for is more than just a good idea for organization and a simplified and powerful way to accomplish it. It can ...


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    OOR - Open Ontology Repository

    Open Ontology Repository - global OOR index & re-direction. Click on the OOR instance below, or you will automatically re-directed to the OOR-homepage in a few seconds ... [pause]. Goto Homepage of the OOR Initiative - http://www.oor.net. OOR - http://www.oor.net - the public instance(s) of the O...


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    Semantic Africa | African Vocabularies, Taxonomies and Ontologies: XML. Web Services. RDF

    What is AfriXML?. Digital technology and the global economy. Books. Tierno S. Bah. What about Africa?. AfriXML is an XML vocabulary project for the description of the global experience of Africa and the Diaspora. Its purpose is to encourage and facilitate the development and distribution of Afric...


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    Dictionaries and translators - gloss, synonyms, translation and much more

    English Dictionaries. Translations from English. English bilingual dictionaries. English dictionaries. English translators. Foreword. The pages of the Sensagent dictionary are the result of a work of more than twenty years. The 17 millions of indexes come …


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    … your favourite semantic tool , event , or ontology is here!. Events [Cal. 2012] [Cal …


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    Welcome to Wandora | wandora

    Wandora. Welcome to Wandora. Wandora release 2012-08-31. Topic map export module for Drupal. WWW site for Wandora. Wandora's WWW server changed. Wandora release 2012-06-21. Wandora release 2012-04-30. the information extraction, management and publishing …


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    Welcome to IDEF.com

    IDEF Family of Methods A Structured Approach to Enterprise Modeling & Analysis. IDEF.com was developed and is maintained by Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. (KBSI) , the developers of the next generation IDEF methods: the IDEF3 Process Flow and Object State …


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    Kaotek: The science of chaos and consciousness.

    … no paradigm can claim the ultimate ontology and so we will abide by physicist/philosoper …