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    Leo Prieto is WordPress.com | Cooking the internet soup since 1996.

    Cooking the internet soup since 1996. (por Leo Prieto)

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    Nerds.de audio & midi - ipMIDI - LoopBe1 - LoopBe30

    IpMIDI, virtual MIDI device to transfer MIDI over LAN | LoopBe1, LoopBe30 internal MIDI devices to transfer MIDI data between computer programs. (LoopBack Device)


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    Nerd in Skirt

    SEO &raquo. Headline , SEO &raquo. Featured , SEO &raquo. Blogroll. die aktuellsten Posts. Am heftigsten kommentiert. letzte Kommentare. We have to talk. Yesterday, a friend of mine, Philipp, wrote a great article about Google Shopping. It’s smart, far-sighted, well-written – a must read. And I t...


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    Your Guide to Nerd Culture in the Big Apple!


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    Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters

    The next level feels like it's got to be that third-generation, blockbuster mainstream product. The story is not done." from the arbitrage-opportunities dept. KentuckyFC writes Since 2001, crowdfunding sites have raised almost $3 billion and in 2012 alone, successfully funded more than 1 million ...


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    Topless Robot - Nerd news, humor and self-loathing.

    The Eight Biggest DC Creative Screw-Ups Since the New 52 Began. The 12 Best-Worst Things About Axel Braun's Wolverine Porno. Seven Reasons Why Heroes of Cosplay Is Terrible. TR Interview: Harry Dean Stanton. The Ten Best Games From PAX 2013. Overnight/Weekend Open Thread - I'm Going to Disneyland...


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    Design Inspiration, Freebies and Tutorials - Creative Nerds

    A design blog dedicated to showcasing fresh design tutorials as well as high quality design freebies and showcasing mind blowing design inspiration.


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    ForeverGeek | Nerds are for Dorks

    Follow the geekiest news and updates about games, anime, comics and other cool geekery at ForeverGeek.


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    Nerd Approved – Gadgets and Gizmos

    The nerd’s guide to the latest in toys, gadgets, movies, culture, humor, news, gifts and collectibles.


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    Traffic Geyser

    … explanation as to "why," but it's so riddled with nerd-speak, we don't want to bore you …


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    … . Rock Your Little One to Sleep Nerd Style. Creating Your Own Geocache …


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    VG Cats

    Should probably get one of these things up (that's what she said). Put up a new comic last week and we've got a new comic this week . Both Mass Effect related! As much as EA is an albatross for this series I do love Mass Effect. Playing through ME3 right …


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    Tbs.com - TV Shows - Television Shows - very funny

    … Premiere. WEDDING BAND. King of the Nerds. Your computer needs the following …


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    Free Photoshop Tutorials, Free Photoshop Download And Creative Artwork

    Nerd Treasure: Polish your graphic designing skills with free Photoshop Tutorials, free photoshop download and Graphic design tips. Enjoy Latest collection of...