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    Misha Dynin. I write on Google+ and Twitter (often),on Blogger (much less often),and on LiveJournal (in Russian—almost never these days.) I post pictures on Flickr .. About. I live n Palo Alto and work in Google's Mountain View office. My primary professional interest is computer software as a me...

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    Berlin - Berloga

    Liedermacher- Festival "RUSSKIJ AKZENT". Новости: Фестиваль "РУССКИЙ АКЦЕНТ" пройдёт с 13 по 15 июня 2008 года в пригороде города Берлина. Neues: Das Festival "RUSSKIJ AKZENT" findet am 13. - 15.juni 2008 in der nähe von Berlin statt.. Информация о фестивале "РУССКИЙ АКЦЕНТ". 1999-2005 A M B Desi...

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